Thursday, March 8, 2018

Spotify Ad Studio: A Marketing Tool Worth Using | hypebot

1Recently, Spotify dropped a new self-serve platform allowing users to upload their own audio which Spotify then mixes and serves to its users. Here we look at how the streaming platform's ad studio works, and why you should consider using it.


Guest post by Ta'Rikah Jones of the Symphonic Blog

Spotify rolled out a self-serve platform to ramp up its ads sales in 2017. As the business continues to grow, automated audio ads will also increase with the platform, Spotify Ad Studio.

These audio ads 15- or 30-second audio ads that are served naturally to Spotify’s estimated user base of over 140 million people.

So, how does Spotify Ad Studio work?

  • Create your ad or upload your own. Once Spotify has your voice, they’ll record a voiceover and mix the music. It takes less than 10 minutes!
  • Pick your audience based on different targets, like age, location, gender, and music taste. You can also select mobile, desktop, or both so that you ad reaches listeners in the right context.
  • Set your budget, customize your campaign dates, and track and manage how listeners engage with your ad. Keep in mind that the minimum budget is $250.

Spotify has simplified the creative process by creating a how-to guide. Download here.

Why You Should Use Spotify Ad Studio?

2Spotify ads are targeted by genre, location, gender, age, activity, and device. This means that you can reach potential fans to eventually increase your streams. With its large reach worldwide, Spotify gives you the potential to gain a deep understanding of your audience and the best way to reach them.

How Can You Started?

Click here and select the Join Waitlist button. You’ll be prompted to follow the steps to be added to the waitlist then Spotify will notify you when you’ve been approved.

Spotify Ad Studio is a great way to increase your streams, expand your brand, and potentially generate more revenue. If you have used Ad Studio, drop a line below and tell us how you liked it!


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