Monday, February 26, 2018

THE PITCH: SynthShare - Peer Feedback For Your Music | hypebot

The pitchSynthShare offers peer feedback for your music, and like every PITCH, we've given the startup 100 words to convince us all why we should use their service. Here is THE PITCH:
Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 4.31.00 PM
SynthShare allows you to have music peer-reviewed by an intelligent community of producers, musicians, and singers. It's a newly launched platform that offers a free and confidential service. SynthShare is based on a fair one-for-one exchange; for every song you review, you receive a review of your own song. The reviews are constructive, unique, and thoughtful. Users can rate how helpful the feedback is which contributes to a user's karma score. Additionally, all feedback is moderated in order to keep spam and unhelpful comments from plaguing the community.
To submit your music, add a link directly from your SoundCloud / YouTube account and SynthShare will automatically embed a stream, or you can upload your own mp3. Then review another user's song to provide useful feedback and tips on creativity, mixing, mastering, lyrics, etc... Then you'll receive feedback on your own music from your peers. You can use the suggestions and ideas to improve your music, boost listeners, and refine musical concepts backed up by objective, qualified opinions.
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