Thursday, February 8, 2018

SiriusXM Drops The Loft Curated Eclectic Music Channel | hypebot

image from randallbramblett.comSirius XM has pulled The Loft, an important outlet for independent music, from its satellite. The channel's longtime programming chief Mike Marrone has also exited and an all-Eagles channel is streaming in its place.


Respected music programmer Mike Marrone has left SiriusXm after 17 years, and the eclectic channel he curated, The Loft, has been replaced by an all-Eagles format on satellite channel 30.  Archives of The Loft can still be heard via online streaming.

While SiriusXM has named a new program director - Chris Muckley (, who is also a DJ and PD on SiriusXM's XMU channel which is billed as "Today's Top Indie Rock" - a source tells Hypebot that it is unlikely The Loft will permanently regain its satellite feed or the full-time curation that Marrone provided.

Several thousand loyal Loft fans have signed a petition fighting to bring the channel back:

"(The Loft) provides an eclectic mix of music covering the widest gamut of both new and classic rock music... with expert curation by HUMAN DJs, who know how to segue from one tune to the next. They've been able to provide intelligent, thoughtful, and entertaining content.

...Unique programming such as Howard Stern, sports, talk, and curated music are what sets it apart from the rest. The Loft exemplifies that uniqueness and should be brought back to the satellite feed (channel 30)."

You can sign on to Save The Loft here.

And in case you're one of the millions (OK, thousands...) missing Mike Marrone, get your fix here. 

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