Sunday, February 11, 2018

Certain Songs #1127: The Men – “I Saw Her Face” | Medialoper

Album: New Moon
Year: 2013

I liked The Men’s 2013 album, New Moon, so much when it came out that I’m pretty sure I ended up having my own personal backlash against it shortly thereafter.

Cut from much the same cloth as 2012’s, Open Your Heart, what separated New Moon from its predecessor was another layer of classic rock and addition of keyboards to their whitelight whiteheat guitars and fuzzy vocals. The result was intoxicating to me.

And nowhere was it more intoxicating than “I Saw Her Face,” which answered the musical question “What if Neil Young had The Dream Syndicate as his backing band?” Now I realize that I’m probably the only person who might have ever asked that question, but The Men provide the answer.

“I Saw Her Face” starts of as a mid-tempo stomp, with the guitars of of Mark Perro & Nick Nick Chiericozzi continually throwing elbows at each other for awhile, but eventually Nick Chiericozzi takes a long solo and never quite gives the song back as he goes on and on and on.

Eventually, the rest of the figures that if they can’t outlast him, they can exhaust him, so drummer Rich Santis revs into a rave up and at first Chiericozzi isn’t fazed at all, but eventually he joins Perro in some slamming dual-rhythm guitars until they all collapse onto the floor.

Official video for “I Saw Her Face”

“I Saw Her Face” performed live on KEXP, 2012

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