Monday, January 29, 2018

The Charlie Walk Letter | Lefsetz Letter

#metoo: An Open Letter to Charlie Walk

I’m not sure this demands additional comment, but I will say the music business has been curiously quiet when it comes to #metoo and I wonder why, is it because it’s essentially an independent contractor business, one wherein everybody’s too afraid of damaging future relationships to speak up?

Of course there was the Penny Muck/Marko Babineau story twenty five years back, and recently L.A. Reid, but for a notoriously freewheeling business it’s been strangely noiseless.

Could it be that so much of the music is based on sex?

Could the classic rock records of yore, even the MTV rock records of yore, be released today?

So now what happens?

Does Charlie Walk get bounced from television singing show “The Four”?

One would think definitely, right?

Why is it men who make money feel invincible? Especially those who were shunned growing up. They leave morality behind and believe they’re entitled to their heart’s desire.

I’d be scared to be a woman. It’s like running a gauntlet every day.

Furthermore, where were these men brought up, and how?

And never forget that it’s the team/bro behavior, begun in sports and spread through fraternities and board rooms. There’s groupthink, you take one for the team, you stand up for the status quo and those in power. Irrelevant of sexual harassment this is a huge problem in our economy.

We need to teach people to stand up for what’s right.

And we need to ensure they’re not penalized for their behavior.


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