Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Server update, 2018-01-24 | MusicBrainz Blog

This small server release brings a new report for recordings, updates URL cleanup, and provides enhancement for guessing letters’ case in French titles. It also features preliminary changes for further switch to live search, still available for test. The git tag is v-2018-01-24. Thanks again to naiveaiguy and haruute for their contributions!

New Feature

  • [MBS-9425] – New Report: “Recordings with same name by different artists with same name”


  • [MBS-9582] – Add UtaTen to the lyrics whitelist
  • [MBS-9608] – Update Bandsintown URL cleanup to reflect new URL format


  • [MBS-5345] – Guess Case > French mode > Le, La, Les, L’ or L’ followed by only one word. That word should be capitalized

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