Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Save The Date-Music Media Summit-Santa Barbara-April 29-May 2 | Lefsetz Letter

Troy Carter just confirmed.

In case you’re a newbie or just missed out last year, I’ve started a conference with Jim Lewi entitled the Music Media Summit, and this will be our second year in Santa Barbara, only this year we’re moving to the Four Seasons, at a vastly reduced rate, so even if you don’t attend the meetings…

This was the highlight of my year last year, and I know that sounds like hype, but the ability to interview people and extract not only their history but insight into the present world was incredibly stimulating, and that’s what I live for, even more than money, I love to pick apart the planks of life and understand why it plays out the way it does.

Last year Roger McNamee appeared. And you should read his “Washington Monthly” screed on Facebook, he’s an investor, he’s the one who convinced Zuckerberg not to sell out:

“How To Fix Facebook – Before It Fixes Us”

Now since that article last week Facebook has pulled back from the brink, but have they? Zuck keeps talking about the social graph, but he’s not as interested in that as cash, and are they really gonna give up being a portal for news? I don’t think so! News outlets are being whiplashed, Facebook’s stock has decreased, and what we’ve learned is the younger generation can turn the world topsy-turvy, but do they have any idea of the effect of their efforts? After all, Zuckerberg denied that Facebook had any effect on the election, that it wasn’t “hacked” by Russians. Then he admitted it was!

Roger led us in singalongs in Santa Barbara last year. Yes, this is a social group with similar bona fides and our goal is to make it like summer camp, albeit only a handful of days. Even if you know nobody you’ll feel like an insider, cliques are taboo, I know, I’ve felt left out before and it’s ANATHEMA!

Also last year we had Chris Moore, producer of “Manchester By The Sea” and “Good Will Hunting.” A combo good old boy and Harvard graduate, it was great to hear his story, working in sports, falling into an agency and becoming a producer. Chris wants to make movies that mean something, what a concept, especially when Laurence Fink at BlackRock says they’re no longer investing in companies that don’t have a social conscience, that only want to make money.

“BlackRock’s Message: Contribute to Society, or Risk Losing Our Support”

And Eddie Rosenblatt talked about consoling Yoko Ono the night John Lennon died and…

I know, I know, that was last year. But we’re cooking up some really good speakers this year, I just ain’t gonna tell you until they’re confirmed.

My goal is not to create the usual conference, where you’re overcharged to hear hashed-over info. These people have had too much media training, they’re not gonna break news unless they want to, and usually they don’t, so my concentration is on who they are and how they got to their present destination and what it all means. First and foremost they’re human beings, second they’re business people.

Okay, enough selling.

Lewi does all the organizing. I do ALL the interviews. So, if you like my podcasts, expect more of that.

As for my health…

I should have sent this save the date e-mail earlier, but now I’m in recovery mode. I’ve still got spots, I still itch a bit, I’m still taking prednisone, but I’m over the hump, I haven’t felt this good in months.

As for Santa Barbara, the freeway should be open in a week. And the hotel is not in the hills.

So, you can convince yourself this is not enough notice while you debate what to do tonight, never mind this weekend, or you can save the date and sign up when the website goes live, which should be soon.

I want to meet each and every one of you, discuss the issues, get into the nooks and crannies,



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