Friday, January 26, 2018

Gracenote partners with YG Plus to improve K-pop metadata | UNLIMITED | CMU

Gracenote / YG Plus

Music data firm Gracenote has partnered with South Korean music company YG Plus to provide data to digital music services that will make K-pop easer to discover globally.

K-pop has grown in popularity outside South Korea in recent years, of course, particularly in the US, and also in the UK. As Gracenote launches a new office in Seoul, it will apply its machine learning algorithms to build a database of descriptive metadata, aiming to better promote the South Korean pop music internationally.

“As a genre, K-pop has transcended Korea and hit the mainstream”, says YG Plus director Dong Hun Lee. “In order to capitalise on its global popularity, it is critical that we leverage rich descriptive data about the music to help surface K-pop songs in playlists globally. By working with Gracenote we will be able to help drive discovery of K-pop to millions of existing fans and cultivate millions more around the world”.

Gracenote’s General Manager For Music, Brian Hamilton adds: “As the leading distributor of K-pop, YG Plus will help Gracenote strengthen our Korean data coverage which, in turn enables us to deliver the most comprehensive K-pop solution to streaming music customers across the globe. As the database of record for the music industry, Gracenote Global Music Data will also help regional Korean streaming music providers prepare for broader digital music adoption and deliver improved listener experiences centred on smart playlisting and personalised recommendations”.

Among the descriptors Gracenote will seek out are genre, mood, era, origin, tempo and artist language. It will also track associations between different acts, improving search across an artists’ main releases, collaborations, remixes and live recordings.


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