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Certain Songs #1105: Matthew Sweet – “Your Sweet Voice” | Medialoper

Album: Girlfriend
Year: 1991

Lloyd Cole – Electric Rhythm Guitar
Greg Leisz – Pedal Steel Guitar
Ric Menck – Drums

There were, of course, so many great songs on Girlfriend, it was nearly impossible to figure out which ones to write about. So at various points, I was going to write about the straight up jangle-pop of “I’ve Been Waiting,” the glorious but-mama-that’s-where-the-fun-is chorus of “Looking At The Sun,” but I didn’t wanna do the entire album, no matter how tempting it was.

Instead, I’ll conclude with the unbearably lovely “Your Sweet Voice,” which was the last song on vinyl version of Girlfriend that I never actually got, but was followed by three more songs on the CD that I wore out.

It’s basically just a mass of overdubbed Matthew Sweets pleading for one last connection to a relationship that he knows is doomed.

Speak to me with your sweet voice
And take me through another night
Speak to me with your sweet voice
And I will surely be alright

If I can close my eyes without a fear
Speak to me with your sweet voice near

About halfway through, there is a tumbling, controlled cascaded of a guitar solo that seems too planned for Richard Lloyd and the wrong tone for Robert Quine, and sure enough it’s neither of them, but rather Matthew Sweet, trusting only himself to get the sadness he wants to convey with the solo.

After that, it’s the army of overdubbed Sweets asking over and over and over again for her to speak to him with her sweet voice, but as the song ends, you realize that he’s going have to figure out how to get through another night without her.

“Your Sweet Voice”

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