Thursday, December 7, 2017

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Nathan Hubbard.

Ticketing is the black hole of the music industry. There’s little transparency and little understanding of how it works. Nathan ran Ticketmaster, the company you love to hate, and has deep insight into the ticketing sphere.

Which we get into after I get his history.

I’m always interested where people come from, it explains who they are today.

Nathan is the victim of a broken home who started playing music with his buddy while still in the single digits and continued while he went to Princeton and his buddy went to Haverford under the name of Rockwell Church.

In that incarnation, they were managed by the then fledgling Red Light.

Upon Rockwell’s desire to go to graduate school, Hubbard ultimately did so too, at Stanford, and then ended up back at Red Light running Musictoday. You can take the boy out of the music industry but you can’t take the music industry out of the boy.

Live Nation bought Musictoday and Nathan went with it and ultimately ended up as the head of Ticketmaster.

Then he moved on to Twitter.

Now he’s in stealth mode, when he’s not fulfilling his role as an intern at “The Ringer”:

Nathan Hubbard – The Ringer

Now this is a long one, but we cover a lot of ground, I believe you’ll find it interesting. Nathan’s part of the young guard taking over this business, he’s only 42, and the baby boomers aren’t gonna rule forever, despite what they think.

Also Nathan is smart.

And smart wins, especially in this education-free, hustle business known as music.

Not that all intelligence is evidenced in book-learning and degrees, that’s just a way of saying you’ll enjoy listening to Nathan speak, you’ll gain insight and be primed for further conversation.



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