Thursday, December 28, 2017

Reddit Users Report Multiple Spotify Hacks | hypebot

Spotify HackedMultiple Reddit users are reporting that their Spotify accounts were hacked, and several point to more than one hack over the last 10 days. While the hacks have not been confirmed by Spotify, multiple users on Reddit say they have received emails from the music streamer that their usernames or passwords were changed without authorization.

Reddit user Keoft first reported a new alleged Spotify hack:

"It was posted about an hour ago and I got an email from haveibeenpwned. You can type your spotify email on that site to see if your email and password showed up in that paste, or possibly others. Sure enough my own email and password show up there and now I have to change a ton of passwords on other sites and I'm very angry about it. I won't link the paste as it has thousands of emails and passwords and I am reporting them. "

Reddit Spotify

A search of Pastebin and other sites that are often used pass along stolen passwords do show multiple Spotify emails and passwords apparently stolen 6 days ago.

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