Monday, December 18, 2017

Certain Songs #1076: Magnapop – “The Crush” | Medialoper

Album: Hot Boxing
Year: 1994


That’s how I would describe the Ruthie Morris’ guitar riff that anchors the first half of “The Crush,” yet another barn-burning highlight from Magnapop’s Hot Boxing album.

It’s as simple as all hell: just a couple of chords playing back and forth, with all of the space in the world in between each one, giving drummer David McNair to play behind the beat, then kick in hard for the guitar-and-organ-drenched chorus.

I can see through the word
And it’s not written
There’s a chance and there’s a start

At the end, after a harmonics-drenched breakdown, Morris and McNair kick it up again, as Linda Hopper strains and growls against their cacophany

Take a chance to paralyze
The whole process slowly wild
Hanging on take the fun away
Take the keys and move my car
These are ideas they are not lies
Kick the dog and you will die
I can see through the word
And it’s not written

It’s the contrast between the tightly-controlled opening and the wild, ebullient ending that makes “The Crush” stand out so much to me.

“The Crush”

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