Monday, December 18, 2017

A New Discovery In Music: 144 Notes | Music Think Tank

Did you ever wonder how it would look like to connect colors to notes and bind them with musical instruments?
144 Notes is the answer!
It is a visual representation of musical notes, where colors are used as symbols to represent pitches.
The main discovery is that you can every note’s pitch represent with 2 predefined colors. First color marks the octave, so you can immediately see it’s location on the instrument. It’s represented with background color and a number. The second color represents the exact position of the note inside that octave.
By taking all the notes in the range of human hearing (12 octaves with 12 semitones) there are 144 notes. From here the name origin “144 Notes” with 144 color combinations. Taking the cool colors for lower pitches and continuing to more warm colors for middle and higher pitches.
Bass guitar example in 144 Notes (Dutch naming):
Authors Marko Kopac and Adraz Kopac also made available web application called 144 Notes Algorithm.
It supports all kind of things; from choosing scales, tonics, chords, tuning and comparing instruments… It has more than 40 built-in note translations including popular ones like English, German and Neo-Latin. It’s all reachable for free at, you just need to click Begin!
Example of the guitar compared to piano in 144 Notes Algorithm. It is easily seen that the guitar is far more musically complicated instrument than the piano. The image represents different positions of the 3C Major chord on the guitar while there is just one position of 3C Major on the piano. C Major scale is selected (white keys on the piano).

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