Friday, November 17, 2017

Spotify ramping up London base with new R&D hub | UNLIMITED | CMU


Spotify is ramping up its London presence by launching a brand new research and development hub in the capital alongside its existing UK-based operations. And it will soon have a new base by the river for all this ramped-up activity. Exciting, isn’t it? I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of research and development? No one, that’s who. All hail the research! Big up the developments! Don’t get too distracted by the riverside views, though.

“London has made the decision of where to grow our next R&D hub an extremely easy one”, says Spotify’s VP Product Jason Richman. So well done London. Actually, I’ve lived here for 20 years, I could accept that praise on behalf of the city. Tell you what, I’ll prepare a quote on London’s behalf while Richman waffles on some more. Place your bets now: quite how “THRILLED” am I going to be about all this?

“It has a vibrant start-up community”, continues Richman – ‘it’ being London remember – “and a wealth of great tech talent, making it the perfect location in which to build out our talented R&D team. London will be one of our major hubs where we’ll house key investment areas including expansion of our subscription-commerce capabilities”.

Imagine Spotify’s “subscription-commerce capabilities” being expanded. And right here in London, before our very eyes. These are exciting times indeed. Now here comes my quote.

“London is the best place in the world for ambitious businesses looking to expand and our technology sector continues to go from strength to strength”, says, erm, London mayor Sadiq Khan. Hang on, I thought I was going to speak for London. “Spotify is the latest in a long line of companies who realise that London simply cannot be beaten for innovation” he continues. Shut up Sadiq, I had this one covered. “We have a deep pool of tech talent and a complex business ecosystem that can’t be replicated anywhere else”. Booooring.

My quote would have been much better. But now – look – we’re out of space. I can only apologise for this development and suggest you address your complaints to Sadiq Khan, City Hall, London. Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall into any deep pools of tech talent or get disappeared in some complex business ecosystem. Though if he keeps butting in with unnecessary quotes like this, neither of those things would come as a surprise.


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