Tuesday, November 21, 2017

People Are Spending 15 Hours A Week On The Internet Outside Of Work | hypebot

image from pisces.bbystatic.comPeople are spending a lot of time online, according to the latest Limelight Networks’  “State of User Experience” report.  54% of US consumers  are now spending more than 15 hours outside of work on the internet each week. Here are the main online activities and behaviors:

  • US consumers spend each week:
    • on social media sites (4 hrs, 44 mins)
    • watching videos (4 hrs, 12 mins)
    • reading the news (3 hrs, 24 mins)
    • online shopping (3 hrs, 22 mins)
  • Laptops are the main device for online activities in US, followed closely by smartphones
  • When it comes to consumers’ demands for online experiences, the expectations are high - and security is a major concern. 1 in 4 US consumers note they would not continue to make purchases on a website that has experienced a security breach.
  • Limelight’s survey also revealed the financial impacts of poor ecommerce experiences: 39% of US consumers will leave a website that’s taking too long to load and go on to make purchases with a competitor.
  • 81% Americans noted they’ll recommend a brand to a friend if they had a “positive experience with its website”

via Limelight Networks

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