Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Music Messenger Bot Startup I AM POP Opens UK Office | hypebot

I Am Pop botAmsterdam-based Facebook Messenger music bot startup I AM POP has hired Sam Taylor as its London-based Chief Commercial Officer. The appointment coincides with the opening of a new office in Shoreditch, East London, which will house the company’s marketing and partnerships teams.

image from cdn-images-1.medium.comTaylor joins after nearly two years as UK Brand Manager for digital distributor TuneCore, Inc.

The appointment signals the company’s expansion into the UK market, in particular targeting musicians, labels and other music businesses with its Facebook Messenger bot and fan messaging platform. POP’s technology is already used by artists including Noel Gallagher and Armin van Buuren.

POP was founded in 2016 by Tim Heineke, who previously co-founded digital music distributor FUGA, and music discovery service Shuffler. The company raised seven figures earlier in 2017 from private investors, and its team is currently based between The Netherlands, Portugal and the UK.

“People are only just beginning to realise the creative possibilities of what can be done by delivering content through Facebook Messenger - engagement rates outstrip everything else," says Heineke, "with open rates close to 100% and vastly improved click through rates. For many of our clients, Messenger has become the number one driver of fans to their digital content." 

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