Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Maggie Lindemann to sell make-up via Spotify | UNLIMITED | CMU

Maggie Lindemann

OMG. Spotify is selling make-up now. LOL. There really is no money in streaming music after all. ROFL. The music industry is doomed. Crying with laughter emoji. Crying with laughter emoji. Crying with laughter emoji.

So went the headlines yesterday, after the latest expansion of Spotify’s merch-selling platform was announced. That’s the merch-selling platform it launched several years ago from which it takes no cut of sales. The actual story here is that one artist is going to use Spotify’s merch upsell tool to flog some make-up that she wears.

Merchbar, which now powers the selling of merch via Spotify, has done a deal with make-up artist Pat McGrath and musician Maggie Lindemann to test out a new option to ‘shop the look’ of an artist. It’s a scheme that has worked on other more visual platforms, like Instagram. Now Merchbar is hoping that you might listen to Lindemann’s music and think, “Wow, I wish my mouth could sound like hers, I’d better buy the same lipstick that she wears”.

Announcing the partnership, McGrath said these actual words: “In this digitally-empowered, digital era of make-up, where fans crave instant glamour gratification, I always want to reach fans where they’re most engaged. That’s why this relationship with Spotify is absolutely major, because it merges beauty and music in a whole new way, that’s never been done before. I’m THRILLED to see it finally come to life”.

I hadn’t even noticed we were in a “digitally-empowered, digital era of make-up”, which just shows how much I know. Maybe in this digitally-empowered, digital era of make-up (which is a thing we’re definitely in, remember), people really will want to buy the lipstick – or one of the two sets of eyeshadow – now available on Lindemann’s Spotify profile. Although it’s possibly not massively helpful that her face is partially obscured in every picture you can see of her on the streaming service.

Spotify’s Head Of Artist And Fan Development Jordan Gremli says: “Maggie Lindemann is an extremely exciting young artist, with over seven million fans listening to her all over the world every month on Spotify. In partnering with Pat McGrath to offer beauty products in this innovative new way, she will be connecting directly with her fans in the place where they go to enjoy her music already on Spotify”.

And while Spotify doesn’t take a cut of merch sales, if it can convince people to fire up the streaming music service in order to get make-up tips, the whole hoo haa could yet prove a money-spinner for artists. Then presumably more pop stars will want to start selling make-up on Spotify in the unlikely event that this test run is a success.

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