Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ditto Music announces new global expansion | UNLIMITED | CMU


DIY music distributor Ditto Music has announced some of that global expansion all the cool kids keep talking about, adding an active presence in no less than twelve new countries plus a multilingual website. I wonder if digital licensing is any less complex in Swedish.

“Artists are moving away from major label deals and towards independence”, reckons Ditto Music boss man Lee Parsons. And why? Well, “because companies like Ditto give them more attention, better terms and more revenue”. He adds: “I’m excited how the huge milestones happening at Ditto right now will benefit musicians worldwide”.

In terms of countries, UK-based Ditto has new reps in Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, France, Argentina, Chile, India, Canada, South Korea and Spain, in addition to its existing bases around the world. And, it says, plans are afoot to add an active presence in ten more countries next year.


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