Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Changes at Universal Music Germany as Daniel Lieberberg departs after 16 years | Music Business Worldwide

Universal Music Germany has announced the creation of a new more ‘dynamic, creative and efficient’ structure – which has resulted in a handful of promotions, and the exit of an experienced senior figure.

Daniel Lieberberg, head of Universal Music Domestic’s Veritgo / Capitol (VEC) and Polydor / Iceland (PIL) labels in Germany, is leaving the company.

He first joined Universal Music in 2001, ultimately climbing to SVP in 2014. He is believed to be departing Universal this month.

All of Universal Germany’s domestic repertoire will now report to Tom Bohne, who is promoted to President of Domestic Labels.

Meanwhile, Universal Music Germany’s catalogue department will be integrated into its National and International divisions.

Other changes at the company include the launch of a new division dubbed ‘Marketing Labs’, which – according to a UMG press release – promises to ‘pool important digital activities and business intelligence to launch digital platforms’.

Marketing Labs, says Universal, will ‘create a strategic single point of contact for print and online promotion, creative agency, media agency, digital partnerships, business intelligence and consumer development’.

“we have decided to turn specialised departments into business units and to enable our employees to think and act like entrepreneurs.”

Frank Briegmann, UMG

Dirk Baur, currently Managing Director International Division, will be in charge of the new unit as President, Marketing Labs.

A successor for Baur’s current position will be announced shortly.

Other related changes:

  • Frank Hohenböken will serve as Managing Director Sales GSA, where he will continue to oversee all sales activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and focus on serving the physical business, both in the music and merchandising markets.
  • Philipp Zwez has been named Managing Director of Music & Brands / Business Development of the Music & Brands division, which will include UMGB Agency, Sales & Music Licensing and Business Synergy & Development.

Frank Briegmann, CEO & President of Universal Music’s operations in Central Europe and Deutsche Grammophon, said, “We strive every day to create the perfect environment where our artists will flourish.

“The creation of Marketing Labs and the broader initiatives at our company are the result of a thorough evaluation of our potential and how best to seize the opportunities presented by the evolving music market.

“Universal Music embarks on these initiatives during a period of strength, with our artists and labels thriving in a growing music market.”

He added: “The increasing diversification of genres and the growing number of distribution channels continue to open up new opportunities, especially through new consumer insights provided by many of these digital platforms.

“With today’s announcement, our organisational structure now reflects these developments. We know that, going forward, we will have to more nimbly identify and develop business opportunities in order to continue advancing our ability to break new artists and expand the audiences for our existing stars.

“That is why we have decided to turn specialised departments into business units and to enable our employees to think and act like entrepreneurs.

“This new approach will lead to more successful ideas and ultimately, to more value for our artists, our employees, our partners and the company.”Music Business Worldwide


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