Thursday, September 14, 2017

Om On Apple | Lefsetz Letter

Steve Jobs’ legacy & The iPhone X

Read this. If you want the most insightful writing on yesterday’s Apple presentation.

And maybe you don’t want to, don’t care, and that’s fine, although kind of funny since everybody owns a smartphone, but the truth is I used to read “Rolling Stone” cover to cover when musicians had something to say, but now that mag is better on politics.

Roger McNamee made this point in Santa Barbara. The hoi polloi are too caught up in the exterior, whereas all the action is inside. The speed increase of these phones is positively staggering.

And that’s why you need a new one. And you should buy one, especially if you’re part of the iPhone faithful. The offers are piling up. You can get $300 for your old phone, or get one free if you buy one at AT&T (and subscribe to DirectTV). You see unlike its competitors iPhones retain their value, for a while anyway, and I’m not saying a thousand bucks is a fair price point, but once again we’re focusing on marketing, everything but the product.

Om tells us it’s about custom chips. Vertical integration. And I don’t want to get into an Apple/Android war here, it’s fruitless, but if you want to survive in tech you’ve got to be one step ahead, and it’s best to vertically integrate, like Apple.

Now there are good writers in the mainstream media. I’ll point out David Pogue, who’s been marginalized since he went to Yahoo, and Christopher Mims at the “Wall Street Journal,” but too many just report, unlike Om they don’t analyze.

I want to know what it all means, where it’s going. I want to be stimulated. I’m looking for trusted filters, writers as opposed to stenographers.

I depend upon Om.

You should too.


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