Monday, September 25, 2017

Music Maniac: The 4 Safest Concert Venues To Add To Your Bucket List | Music Think Tank

If you enjoy listening to music, then a concert is likely at the top of your list of favorite activities to do with your family or friends. Whether you attend a concert at a school or church or at a larger venue, such as an amphitheater, there are numerous types of musical events that are sure to make you smile. There are also a few venues that you should add to your bucket list because of their beauty and the security that is offered for those who attend events.

Gorge Amphitheater

This is a venue that opened in 1985. If you’re looking for a location that offers plenty of space to dance around while listening to music, then this would be somewhere you want to visit at least once. The amphitheater is nestled between rock formations of the Cascade Mountains. This provides astounding acoustics with sounds echoing so that there is little need for a lot of equipment on stage. Over 20,000 people can comfortably fit into the venue.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Perhaps one of the most popular places to attend a musical event is at Red Rocks. If you ask anyone who has an mpa master of public administration or someone who has a degree in music, then you’ll probably hear about the magnificence of this venue. This is a naturally-occurring amphitheater with seating for about 10,000 people. Views are astonishing as the venue is about 6,400 feet above sea level.

Starlight Theater

This is a smaller venue than some, but it makes up for the space with the beauty of the area. There are many Broadway productions held here as well as classical concerts because of the beautiful scenery and the acoustics. It’s also one of the safer venues across the country with security features in place and security officers patrolling the area. There is comfortable seating for about 8,000.

Hollywood Bowl

You’re going to want to include this venue on your bucket list as it’s among the largest amphitheaters in the United States. There is a public park in the area and picnic space available. Many legends have performed here including Aretha Franklin and The Beatles. There is a shell design on top of the stage to enhance the acoustics of the venue.

When it comes to music, there’s nothing like listening to it at a concert venue. There are several across the country, but some offer more amenities than others and more in the way of natural beauty. Consider finding a few concerts each year so that you can take a road trip with your friends or family.

Music Maniac: The 4 Safest Concert Venues To Add To Your Bucket List


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