Friday, September 15, 2017

How To Prepare For Your First Big Music Event | hypebot

Big musicThe first major music event at any venue can be a rude awakening as to all the different things that can go wrong, but with proper preparation and forethought, many potential disasters can be mitigated, here we look at some tips for making sure things go as smoothly as possible.


In this latest post from MusicThinkTank, Dixie Somers shares several key tips for venues on how they can properly prepare for their first major music event.

"Though you may worry initially about entertaining guests, it’s also important to keep their physiological needs in mind. Nothing is going to create problems for you more than bathroom facilities that are not prepared for the volume of people who attend. Making certain your toilets are flushing right and that you have someone qualified on hand to keep your bathrooms in working order during the event is not just a must."

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