Friday, September 15, 2017

How To Prepare For Your First Big Music Event | Music Think Tank

The first big music event at your venue will introduce you to the ins and outs of everything that can and likely will go wrong with hosting this type of event. While it will be important to take many notes on how your venue could do things better, it is not impossible to get a lot of key things right the first time around. The following are a few tips to make sure that the first big music concert your venue hosts is a hit with those who grace your establishment.


When it comes to throwing your venue’s first big music event, marketing is everything. A proper marketing campaign will not only draw a large paying crowd, but it will inform potential patrons how to prepare for the event themselves. Ads should contain information about what the event is, who will be there, how much it will cost to attend and where the event will take place. Get this wrong and you could easily ruin the event and waste loads of money upsetting your local market.

Have a Backup Plan

When you booked two or three bands to play your first big music event, this was certainly the first step to getting things under way. What you may not have planned for was that the first band’s drummer got sick, and the second band simply didn’t show up. The one remaining band is now stuck playing the whole night. That is to say, unless you pull a rabbit out of your hat because you had the foresight to have a fourth or fifth band choice on speed dial to prevent your grand opening music event from turning into a huge disaster. But, booking bands is not just about getting someone to commit to playing at your venue. It has to do more with picking bands that have a proven track record of pulling off successful live performances and having good chemistry with a live crowd.


A stage performance is often accompanied with other entertaining feats like a pyrotechnics crew dazzling the crowd with their magic. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong in a packed house, your venue could burn down or people could get hurt. Making certain that the pyrotechnics guys are trained professionals who have everything well under control is the best way to ensure that everyone remains safe during the show.

Plumbing Problems

Though you may worry initially about entertaining guests, it’s also important to keep their physiological needs in mind. Nothing is going to create problems for you more than bathroom facilities that are not prepared for the volume of people who attend. Making certain your toilets are flushing right and that you have someone qualified on hand to keep your bathrooms in working order during the event is not just a must. It is an essential component to providing your patrons with a positive impression of how your operation runs. It wouldn’t hurt to consult a company like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc. for an inspection.


When it comes to throwing a successful music event at your venue, many factors must be taken into consideration. When all the major items on your preparation list are checked off, it is then time to begin thinking about things you did not think could go wrong. To be prepared, you must take the time to consider that the unthinkable can and sometimes will happen. As the one hosting the event, it is your duty to make sure that your patrons both have a good time and are safe until the moment it is all over.


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