Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Assets of sync platform Ricall up for sale following liquidation | UNLIMITED | CMU


The assets of sync platform Ricall are up for sale after the music licensing company recently fell into liquidation following nearly two decades in business. Ricall was best known for offering an online search facility for film, telly and advertising types who were looking to license music for their projects.

The sale of Ricall’s “unique e-commerce software and music synchronisation licensing brand” is being handled by a company called Metis Partners, which reckons the assets will be of “notable interest to the music licensing and digital music download sectors, as well as e-commerce retailers and software developers”.

Noting that the sync sector continues to grow, Metis Partners state that: “The software behind Ricall’s innovative music licensing cost circa £6 million to develop, and was created internally, using the agile development approach”. Techie fans are also informed that “the platform was designed with a high degree of configurability, and can be reconfigured for a variety of different purposes. All development was written in Java, and recorded using Jira, with comprehensive bug documents”.

Says Morven Fraser at Metis Partners: “This sale is certain to attract a high degree of interest from those with a foothold, or looking to establish a foothold, in the music licensing industry. The software developed by Ricall allows a significant degree of flexibility in the user and right-holder online experience. It will be an excellent asset for any market players considering e-commerce development as part of their online profile”.

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