Monday, August 14, 2017

TicketWeb US to boost fan engagement tools via start-up acquisition | UNLIMITED | CMU


The US wing of Live Nation’s grass roots ticketing platform TicketWeb last week announced it had acquired the fan engagement technology of a company called Strobe Labs.

TicketWeb, which will integrate said tech into its own platform, says that Strobe’s system gives “venues and promoters a simple and powerful way to learn more about their fans and engage them more effectively”. And who doesn’t like simple and powerful ways to learn about their fans and engage them more effectively? No one, that’s who.

Says the SVP Small Venues & Clubs at Live Nation’s Ticketmaster North America, which is Matt Shearer by the way: “Strobe’s platform completely simplifies the complex process of fan segmentation and ad creation and placement. When you combine that with Ticketmaster’s massive reach, we think it instantly becomes a leading marketing tool in live music to help clubs connect with their fans and find incremental audiences”.

And if you’re wondering what the dudes at Strobe Labs think about this deal, well, co-founder Alex Oberg says: “The entire team at Strobe is proud to join a market leader like Ticketmaster. We’ve spent years developing best-in-class technology and are THRILLED to now be able to deploy at scale”. Of course you are Alex, of course you are.


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