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Ed Sheeran’s first-week Spotify record is slipping away from Taylor Swift | Music Business Worldwide

Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do is a certified record-breaker – having just clocked up the biggest day-one tally of streams for a track in Spotify history.

In doing so, LWYMMD broke a record set back in January by Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You.

Swift’s official day-one Spotify number was above 8m, while Shape Of You debuted with 6.87m plays in its first 24 hours.

(Both of these numbers include all streams – not just Spotify chart-eligible plays. The importance of this fact will become clear shortly.)

But Shape Of You’s entry into the record books wasn’t only limited to its opening day.

As well as racking up the biggest single 24 hours for a song in Spotify history (10m+), the track still holds the record for the biggest first-week the platform’s ever seen.

And despite Taylor Swift’s historic first day on the service with LWYMMD, that’s a record that should remain unbroken by the time Friday rolls around.

The simple reason for that fact is Shape Of You was more consistently popular across its opening week than LWYMMD is proving to be.

(The below figures all refer to Spotify’s public-facing chart data, as compiled by Kworb. It misses a few streams – Spotify limits each user to a certain number of chart-eligible streams each day to prevent people gaming its systems – so the ‘official’ number in each case will be higher. But it’s a cast-iron indicator of a track’s popularity.)

As you can see below, Shape Of You followed up its record-breaking opening day (Jan 6) by actually growing its daily streams on day two (Jan 7), up to 6.58m.

The track’s four-day peak didn’t come until its fourth day (Jan 9), when it attracted over 7m chart-eligible Spotify plays.

Contrast that with LWYMMD, which lost almost 2.5m daily streams on its second 24 hours on the service (August 26) – more than 1m behind Shape Of You’s comparative daily performance.

The simple fact is that Swift’s song didn’t attract as many repeat plays on its second day as Shape Of You.

LWYMMD then dropped another 900k+ streams on day three (August 27) before recovering by a million streams on day four (August 28).

In total, Shape Of You posted 26.49m chart-eligible Spotify streams in its opening four days.

In the same timeframe, LWYMMD attracted 23.32m.

Ed Sheeran’s week-one record on Spotify (for a single track) isn’t secure by any means – but, this time, it doesn’t look likely it will be Taylor Swift’s to claim.

Over on YouTube, however, Swift is laying waste to history.

The star released the official video for LWYMMD on Saturday (August 27) – and it quickly set the record for the platform’s most-viewed video in a 24 hours period, clocking up over 28m views in less than a day.

At its peak, the video was receiving 3m+ view per hours.

As such, the LWYMMD video surpassed the peak daily performance of this year’s biggest music video (Despacito feat Justin Bieber – 22m), as well as Adele’s Hello (27m).

LWYMMD is taken from Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, Reputation, which will be released on November 10.

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