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A List Of The Best Music Video Festivals Worldwide | hypebot

Download (7)From Radar Creative, we look at a full list of more than fifty events occuring throughout the world showcasing the best in contemporary music video creation 


Guest post by Caroline Bottomley

We just updated Radar’s popular guide to the best music video festivals and events worldwide.
Since we first created this essential list 5 years ago, about a quarter of the festivals have dropped off the list - but slightly more have sprung up to take their place (including our own fantastic Radar Awards!), giving you a list of over 50 fantastic events that bring you the best in contemporary music video creation.
Awards and nominations are fantastic for picking out and promoting hot directors. Awards and nominations are one of the best door-openers in any creative industry. They’re also great for generating an inner swell of pleasure and a party opportunity. Use this list to find out where your music videos could be nominated and hopefully awarded, to find events near you - and to check out what kind of videos are winning the best awards.
Katy-perry-roar-music-videoThe festivals & events on this list are either purely devoted to music video, or have a track-record of generating diverse entries from up & coming filmmakers. There’s well over a thousand mainstream film festivals which also accept music video and we’ve made an effort to identify which are most interesting to music video filmmakers - if we’ve missed out good ones (as we surely have), please drop us a line and we’ll update.
To check out the wider world of film festivals and to find those other mainstream festivals with a music video element, we recommend https://filmfreeway.com and http://ift.tt/1mRxglm
Very best, Radar Creatives
1.   New Jersey Film Festival / USA (New Jersey) / http://njfilmfest.com/
2.   Sundance Film Festival / USA (Utah) / http://ift.tt/2xuVRu6al/
3.   London Short Film Festival / UK (London) / http://ift.tt/1bbgdez
4.   Apex Short Film & Music Video Fest / USA (Tucson) http://apexfest.org/
5.   Rock n Roll Film Festival / Kenya (Nairobi)  http://kenyarockfilmfestivaljournal.blogspot.co.uk/
6.   Silver Sound Showdown Music + Video Festival / USA (Brooklyn) http://ift.tt/1wsiSKI/ 
7.  NoisePop / USA (San Francisco) http://ift.tt/2wfa0ga
8.   SXSW Film / USA (TEXAS) / http://sxsw.com/film
9.   Portland Music Video Festival / USA (Portand) http://ift.tt/2wfqm8Lestival.com/
10.   Bellingham Music Film Festival / USA (nr Seattle) http://bellinghammusicfilmfestival.com/                 
11. Radar Awards / UK (London) / http://ift.tt/2rQYrX2m/radar-awardsObviously we're biased, but these are GREAT awards for up & coming directors worldwide, you should enter!
12.   LA Music Video Festival / USA (LA) / http://lamvf.com/
13.   Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen / Germany (Oberhausen) / http://ift.tt/1GV1oct
14.   ECU Film Festival / France (Paris) / http://ift.tt/11NE5zy/
15.   Prism Prize / Canada / http://ift.tt/1hsoGN8 * Canadian filmmakers or acts only
16.   Music Video Underground / USA (Los Angeles) https://musicvideounderground.wordpress.com/
17.   iPhone Film Festival / Worldwide / http://ift.tt/XnYpQE
18.   Berlin Music Video Awards / Berlin / http://ift.tt/13c4AzJ
19.   YDA (Young Director Award) / Cannes (France) / http://ift.tt/1mvMPlQ
20.   The Lower East Side Film Festival / USA (NYC) / http://ift.tt/1eryqiF/
21.   Clipped Music Video Festival / Australia (Sydney) http://ift.tt/2xunT8Mm/
23.   Las Vegas Film Festival / USA (Las Vegas) / http://lvff.com/
24.   Sprockets Music Video Festival / USA (Athens,Georgia) http://ift.tt/2wfbSWop/sprockets_music_videos/
25.   Oulu Music Festival / Finland / http://ift.tt/2xuyBw9storia/
26.   MySoundOfMusic Music Video Festival / Austria - open to german speaking nations only / http://ift.tt/2wfbsPzyward/
27.   Great Lakes Film Festival / USA (Erie, Pennsylvania) / http://ift.tt/2cZDwQj
28.   Sacramento Film & Music Festival / USA (Sacramento, California) / http://www.sacfilm.com/
29.   Guam International Film Festival / USA (Guam) / http://ift.tt/2wfsYU8g/
30.   Moondance Film Festival / USA (Boulder, Colorado) / http://ift.tt/2xugKoZom/
31.   Encounters Festival / UK (Bristol) / http://ift.tt/2wfmnsO.org.uk/
32.   Austin Music Video Festival / US (Austin) / http://ift.tt/2xudMkmtival.com/
33.   Kinsale Sharks / Ireland (Kinsale) http://ift.tt/2d89G6V
34.   LA Indie Music Festival / USA (LA) / http://ift.tt/1vGHVIX
35.   UK Music Video Awards / UK (London) / http://www.ukmva.com/
36.   Woodstock Film Festival / USA (UK) / http://ift.tt/2xubhOVal.com/
37.   Tucson Film and Music Festival / USA (Arizona, Tucson) / http://tucsonfilmandmusicfestival.com/
38.   Other Venice Festival / USA (Venice, California) / http://othervenicefilmfestival.com/index.php
39.   Ibiza Music Video Festival / Ibiza / http://ibizamusicvideofestival.com/
40.   Nuwave: Music Film Festival / USA (Miami) / http://ift.tt/2wf3SVa
41.   Dublin Short Film & Music Video Festival / Ireland (Dublin) http://www.disfmf.ie/
42.   Los Angeles Music Video Festival / USA (Los Angeles) https://www.lamvf.com/
43.   A3C Festival / USA (Atlanta) http://ift.tt/MMVLUE hip hop specialist
44.    Soundie / Spain (Barcelona) /http://ift.tt/2xuCdOOundie/
45. Plural + Youth Video Festival / Worldwide / http://ift.tt/1mkVp9q
46.   Aesthetica Short Film Festival / UK (York) / http://www.asff.co.uk/
47.   Cork Film Festival / Ireland (Cork) / http://ift.tt/13qLErG * Irish filmmakers or acts
48.   UK Film Festival / UK (London) / http://ift.tt/2weIgIA
49.   Render: Vancouver International Music Video Festival / Canada (Vancouver) http://ift.tt/1rzkqOw
50.   Bogota Music Video Festival / Columbia (Bogota) http://bogotamvf.com/
51.   Zero Film Festival / USA & UK (NYC,LA,London) / http://ift.tt/2weIf7uom/
52.   Experimental Film & Music Video Festival / Canada (Toronto) https://experimentalfilmfestival.com/ *runs 4 times a year
53.   Lift-off Film Festivals / 10 locations worldwide / http://ift.tt/2auROVD                
54.  Bug / UK (London) / http://ift.tt/PNA1dG Occasional showcase of the best new music videos worldwide.
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