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Song Licensing - What is It and How Do You Do It? | Music Think Tank

Song licensing. This is a phrase used in the music and recording industry on a regular basis, but unless you are part of that industry, the topic is a bit vague to say the least. What exactly is song licensing, is it necessary, and how do artists go about licensing one of their songs? Here we’ll break down all the most common questions and clear up any misconceptions about song licensing.

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Who Does What in the Process?

When you are talking about a major hit, such as you would hear on the radio from a top artist, there are actually a number of different parties who are involved with that song making it to the airwaves. The person who writes the song lyrics is referred to as the songwriter, then there is the person who arranges the music who is called the composer.

A publisher is a person who works with both the composer and songwriter and represents them in the business deals moving forward. As far as who owns the copyrights for the song, that usually lies in the hands of either the songwriter or composer.

When it comes to the recording of the song, this is where the record label comes into play. They are the ones who own the sound recording.

What is Song Licensing?

Song licensing refers to the licensed use of copyrighted music. The reason licensing is used is so that the owner(s) of the copyrighted music is always compensated when their work is being used. You can license your own music, or you can purchase limited rights to use someone else’s music through an agreement.

Any time a company or person wants to use songs that aren’t theirs, they need to obtain permission and get a license to do so. The song could be used in an advertising campaign, a television show, a movie, etc.

Depending on where you live, the licensing process can be a bit different. Often people seek the help of licensing professionals to ensure the process is done correctly and proceeds as fast as possible.

How Can You License a Song?

Perhaps you’re an independent artist who is looking to get your work licensed. While there are all kinds of services that can help you, if it’s ease and speed that you’re after, Copycats could be the right option.

Copycats song licensing is meant for people who want to record music that they didn’t write. It doesn’t matter what you plan on doing with that recording, it still needs to be licensed so permission is given from the copyright holders. The process takes just a couple of days through this service, and then you will be delivered your Proof of License, which you need to hold on to.

The Ins and Outs of the Music Industry


Learning the ins and outs of the music industry isn’t something that happens overnight. With so many different players involved and steps to take, it can be a tricky one to navigate. Song licensing is one of those areas that can be confusing to understand but is a huge part of the industry.




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