Friday, July 7, 2017

4 Pieces Of Equipment Every Inspired Indie Band Needs For Practice | Music Think Tank


The drum kit, synthesizer, speakers, and amplifiers are all essential pieces of equipment for your indie band. When you are planning on a live performance for a big crowd, there may also be other devices that you will need in order to achieve the desired effects. Consider these four pieces of equipment that your indie band could use during practices and rehearsals.

Set up Fans for Your Comfort

When you are practicing, the room or stage could get hot because of all of the equipment. Consider setting up fans to create better airflow and dissipate the heat away from your body. Fans can also help to keep your electronic equipment cool and reduce the risk of it overheating or shorting out.

Amplifiers and Microphones

Be sure to use power cords for your amplifiers and microphones during your band practice sessions. Durable cords, like those available from Americord, allow you to move the amplifiers and microphones anywhere on the stage where you want them to be. Power cords are designed to work for indoor and outdoor practice sessions, allowing you to get a feel for what you will sound like at the venue.

Put up Lighting Rigs for Show Rehearsals

When you are rehearsing for a performance, it is important to simulate the conditions that will take place when the crowd is there. Put up lighting rigs and have them programmed to do the lights as you want them during your live performance. The lighting rigs will help you to get used to the bright flashes and different colors that will be shown during your concert.

Use Dry Ice and Wind Machines for Special Effects

Many indie bands enjoy putting on some special effects during their live performances. In order to ensure that the effects work as planned, it is a good idea to test the equipment and try out the effects in advance of the concert. Place dry ice and wind machines to create a fog or smoke-like effect. If you plan to do any fireworks, be sure to test those out at least one day before the concert will occur.

By setting up and testing these four pieces of equipment, your indie band can have a great practice session. Knowing how the equipment works and what each unit’s capacity is will help you to plan for a successful show. If there are any operational problems with the equipment, using it during practice will give you time for repairs.


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