Monday, July 31, 2017

22,000 Evacuate Tomorrowland Festival As Fire Destroys Main Stage [VIDEO] | hypebot

image from than 22,000 fans were evacuated from the Tomorrowland Unite music festival in Spain after the main stage went up in flames on Saturday night. According to the Washington Post, the main stage at Tomorrowland's Unite Festival in Barcelona was “completely destroyed” in the blaze, which started shortly before midnight.

Videos of the fire show smoke billowing from Barcelona's Tomorrowland Unite main stage, which appeared to be fully engulfed in the fire. No one was seriously injured, but approximately 20 people were treated for minor injuries, the Associated Press reported.

Local fire officials told the WaPo that they were investigating the cause of the blaze, but festival organizers attributed the fire to a technical malfunction.

Organizers announced that the remainder of the festival was canceled, which was a double blow for the Tomorrowland after another one of the festival's smaller 'Unite' events was canceled by authorities in Taiwan in the face of a tropical storm which made landfall on Saturday.

Dubai, Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Malta and South Korea are still scheduled to host Tomorrowland performances.

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