Thursday, June 1, 2017

Pandora brand partners offer on-demand listening to freebie users | UNLIMITED | CMU


Pandora, which now offers a fully on-demand streaming service for paying subscribers in addition to its traditional free-to-access personalised radio set up, is starting to work with brands to allow those on the freebie level to try out some on-demand funtimes.

According to Adweek, flavoured water brand Propel says it is the first to work with Pandora on offering free streamers some on-demand tunes. The brand has put its name to three fitness-themed stations on Pandora’s personalised radio platform, which feature playlists curated by ‘fitness influencers’, which are apparently an actual thing.

When freebie users listen to those Propel-endorsed stations they will see a ‘power up’ button which allows them to save individual tracks to listen to on-demand at a later date. Such functionality is only usually available to Pandora’s premium subscribers.

Presumably the American streaming firm hopes that tie-ups like the one it has with Propel will open up new opportunities to work with brands on the ad-funded side of its business, while sneakily giving free users a quick sampler of what they could do if they upgraded to premium Pandora.


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