Friday, June 2, 2017

Kathy Griffin | Lefsetz Letter

Billy Bush and Kathy Griffin lose their gigs but the offender in chief keeps rollin’ right along.

Ain’t that America!

What is CNN afraid of? Like anybody cares about the activities of a nitwit comedian with a brain who’s in search of attention. I’m not saying I would have done it, I’m not saying it’s not in bad judgment, but after all, that’s a comedian’s gig, testing limits, is this the country we’ve evolved into, one wherein we all have to color within the lines?

I’m not saying we’re not a country of laws. Then again, we’re famous for our forgiveness. Just cry and go to rehab and you get away scot-free, you can go back to your television show. And what is it we want to protect, institutions like CNN, corporations, or the individuals who make up this great country of ours… Isn’t that what the right is always saying, that we want government out of our lives and the ability to walk and speak freely?

Yeah, right.

As for Baron Trump being offended… Like he never speaks to his dad? Does he not have a smartphone? And, if not, what was he doing cruising the sites where this pic was displayed? Ever hear of parental controls? And if he really fell for it, he needs to go to a better school, one not focused on religion but the ability to decipher truth from falsehood.

It’s only a picture, it’s only speech. Yet the whole nation has got its knickers in a twist while the President sells access to the Russians and promulgates policies where we all burn in hell, only this time it’s above earth as opposed to below.

Kick her off the air for a month, penalize her, hell, we all went to high school, we know actions have consequences. But the penalty far exceeds the crime, assuming there’s a crime at all. And to tell you the truth, I believe what comes out of Kathy’s mouth more than that of social climber Anderson Cooper and fake Mr. Gravitas Wolf Blitzer. Come on, she’s got more creativity in her little finger than either of those MALES and she worked hard to get where she is. Bill O’Reilly harasses women for years and keeps his job, until the payments hit double digit millions and Fox’s owners want a Sky license, but a COMEDIAN exercises her fair right to free speech and she’s suddenly a pariah. What next, ban Chris Rock from Netflix? Stephen Colbert tested limits and CBS stood up for him, the FCC backed down. Hell, the government is a paper tiger. And if you don’t stand up for yourself you’re gonna get run over.

And the people pissed about this aren’t watching CNN anyway, they’re over at Fox.

And if CNN hadn’t amplified this, the story would have gone down the drain of internet detritus, that’s how hard it is to get noticed. Hell, Scott Pelley loses his gig and I don’t even know what network he’s on. I’ve moved on. And the challenge CNN and the rest of the cable networks face is not Kathy Griffin, the lone gunwoman, but the internet.

A cop kills a black man and after a million dollar trial he goes back into uniform.

A comedian makes a joke and she’s in celebrity jail, without a key, serving a life sentence.

Hell, the same people cheering for lethal injections would probably want her on death row when the truth is I’m much more worried about the Administration’s faux pas than the words of any celebrity.

And if the celebrities don’t stand up and test limits, what chance do we have of changing the course of this country?

Let your freak flag fly!


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