Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Certain Songs #923: The Len Price 3 – “Rentacrowd” | Medialoper

Album: Rentacrowd
Year: 2007

I think it was Kirk who turned me onto the Len Price 3, as they turned up on the hard drive that he, Tim & I used to pass music to each other during the first decade of the millennium. That was a great method of checking out new music, and I almost instantly loved the sound of The Len Price 3.

Why, because they sounded just like The Who circa 1965 or The Jam circa 1977. Rickenbacker guitars, “whoo-whoo” backing vocals, short smart snappy songs.

And what’s more, over their four albums in about a decade, they don’t really vary all that much from that particular formula, which is fine with me, as that’s one of my all-time favorite musical stews.

So a song like “Rentacrowd” is all choppy guitar riffs, ever-rolling drums, rumbling basslines and super-catchy choruses about their peer group like:

But you don’t fool me with your rentacrowd
Your upswept hair and your trendy sound
You don’t fool me with your rentacrowd
You’re going nowhere
You’re going nowhere

It’s an anti-poseur song! Hammered home by the second chorus:

And it ain’t all about the way you look
The clothes you wear and the drugs you took
It ain’t all about just the way you look
You’re going nowhere
You’re going nowhere

After that second chorus there’s an interlude where the guitar smash and crash ringing chords against the drums while the whole band goes “oooooooooooooooooooh” over a drum build. It’s flashback magic.

At the end, they all chant “Going nowhere” over and over and over while the drummer does roll after roll after roll until the whole song runs into a wall. It ain’t world-changing, but anybody who ever loved the rocking side of what the kids used to call “mod” should at least check out The Len Price 3.


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