Thursday, May 25, 2017

Live recordings platform announces tie up with MQA | UNLIMITED | CMU


The latest company to announce a deal with high res audio firm MQA is, a San Francisco-based online platform selling live recordings from mainly rock acts. The site already offers customers high quality audio files like FLAC, but will now also offer MQA files for download. Recordings of concerts from Metallica and Bruce Springsteen will be the first available in the format.

Confirming the deal, CEO Brad Serling said: “Our pursuit of the highest fidelity in our listeners’ playback experience led us to MQA. We were intrigued when we first read about the format and were THRILLED with the results when the MQA folks first encoded some of our live recordings”.

Meanwhile MQA boss Mike Jbara added: “ connects with true music fans like nobody else. Live recordings amplify MQA’s mission perfectly and we are very grateful for this exciting partnership. Watch this space!”


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