Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dice to offer refunds on unwanted tickets | UNLIMITED | CMU


Ticketing platform Dice has announced that it is to offer customers the option to receive refunds on tickets they find they no longer want or are able to use. This is, amazingly, something of an industry first.

According to Dice, music fans in the UK spend around £169 million per year on tickets for shows that they are then unable to attend. Many of these tickets end up on secondary sites at inflated prices, while around 17% of tickets are simply unused. For gigs costing under £10 to get in, the no show rate rises to around 21%, says the company.

“If someone can’t make a show they either don’t turn up or are forced to put their tickets on secondary ticketing platforms”, says Dice CEO Phil Hutchen. “Those tickets are often snapped up by speculators and sold at insane prices. We believe a fan shouldn’t be allowed to sell their tickets for more than they paid for it, but they have the right to get a refund. By being 100% mobile we make it super easy for fans to do exactly that”.

Refunded tickets will be placed back on sale, or offered to people signed up to Dice’s waiting list service for sold out shows.


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