Friday, April 21, 2017

Labels don’t like a concentration of power. | Stories by Glenn Peoples on Medium

Labels don’t like a concentration of power. But they can’t really control who has control. It’s up to competitors to build a better product. They market the product. Then consumers decide which product they like best. If all streaming services are the same, then each competitor would have an equal market share (that is, if they all entered the market at the same time). If a person were to try every streaming service, they would come away with a favorite, a least favorite and everything in between. That’s because they’re different. Just as an iPhone is different from a Samsung phone, although they have almost the same exact functions, streaming services are different. Just as one punk band is different from another punk band even though they play the same chords, play equally loud, have similar themes in their lyrics and wear similar clothes. Streaming services might have similar catalogs—in some cases they don’t—but they have different ways of surfacing songs in the catalog. They have different features. Different user interfaces. Different user experiences. Different approaches to editorial and curation.


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